Unsecured Personal Loans

Unsecured what?

Unsecured finance also known as an unsecured personal loan, this is when you don't need to go through the pain of using your house or your car for collateral when applying for the loan. This is great if you are renting, living with your parents or are a council tenant. That's why we call ourselves Tenant Loans, as it is one of the best loans for tenants. We therefore help match you with the best unsecured money lender/broker available. If you own a house, if you have a judgment against you, if your credit is bad -you guessed it, you can apply for our loan search too!

Unsecured loans have many different names but it is pretty much the same thing. We put a list together for you, so next time you hear it you know exactly what it means:

Loans for Tenants
Unsecured Tenant Loans
Bad Credit Loans
Poor Credit Loans
Adverse Credit Loans
Unsecured Personal Loans
Unsecured Loans for any purpose

So, what's the difference?

Secured Loan is when you need the value of your possessions (your house or your car) to cover the full amount you borrowed in case you can't pay back the amount. This can be a good arrangement because when money lenders tie collateral (your house or your car) to the loan, they can offer you more money which you can borrow at lower interest rates than microfinance companies are able to do. This is good if you can pay them back because if you can't pay back the full amount, you risk being without a home or car! Yip, risking your valuables is well, risky.

That's why we think you should be able to get a loan without taking on too much risk. We help you search for the unsecured loan at no cost. The only thing you pay for is what already makes smart money-sense, our Legal and ID Assist plan and Credit Crunch Report. You will have dedicated access to people who are skilled and know the law. So if you want to find an unsecured personal loan and want to be smart about it, fill in the application form or call us, we can help you with your short term financial needs.

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